How do I get my prescription?

You can obtain this from nearest your optometrist or ophthalmologist.

How do I get my PD (Pupillary Distance)?

You can obtain this from your optometrist.

Are you a South African based Company?

Yes.  Our business is based in Cape Town from where we process, assemble, and ship your order.

What is your practice number?

Our practice number is 0568104.

What is your HPCSA number?

Our HPCSA number is OP0026271.

Can I claim from medical aid?

Depending on your medical scheme, you should be able to claim from your medical aid after purchasing. 

Is the delivery cost included in the advertised price?

Yes, all is included.

Will I have to pay for the collection fee when returning a pair of glasses?

No, we will cover the cost since we don’t want you spend any additional money on finding your perfect pair of glasses.

Do you deliver to any place in South Africa.

Yes, we have partnered with distribution suppliers that have the necessary infrastructure to cover the whole of South Africa.

How long will I have to wait for my glasses?

7 - 10 business days from the day of receipt of prescription, PD and payment.

What happens if I am not entirely satisfied with my glasses?

Contact the support centre (support@eyecafe) to arrange for a 100% refund.

Do my glasses carry a warranty?

Yes, we cover your glasses up to a period of 1 year against any manufacturing defects.

How do I know whether the frame size will fit me?

Each frame is categorised in either small, small to medium, medium, and medium to large under the information section for each frame.  

Can I order a pair of glasses if I don’t stay in South Africa?

You can order from anywhere in the world as long as the delivery address is in South Africa.

Can I track my order?

Yes you can. We will provide you with a waybill number once your order is ready for delivery.  

Is it safe to buy online? What security measures do you have in place?

Yes, it is completely safe. We have partnered with MyGate to ensure that we have the best security measures in place for your protection.

What form of payment to do you accept?

Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard) or EFT.   Please submit proof of payment with the order number as reference to "orders@eyecafe.co.za" within 48 hours to secure your order.  We will process your order as soon as the amount reflects in our account.

Can I still order prescription glasses from you if my prescription parameters are not catered for on your website?

Yes, please contact us at support@eyecafe.co.za or 021 975 7060 to assist you

I have a valid prescription but my prescription does not correspond to the required fields.

Please contact us at support@eyecafe.co.za or 021 975 7060 to assist you.